Android 记录通话内容尚待时日



Sep 12 的 Android Developers Group 里有人在抱怨:
MediaRecorder does’n work with incoming calls stream, 他发出了这样的疑问:

Why android doesn’t permit to record audio from speakers, for example in incoming calls ?

貌似这个问题已经议论了多次,Android 社区里很多开发者意图开发出能够记录通话内容的应用来,但无一不在此处“搁浅”,甚至有人将这个问题作为一个 BUG 提交给了Google,那么官方的反应是什么呢?

It’s kind-of pointless to request this in the bug, because most of the current hardware Android runs on simply doesn’t support this — as far as I know, the standard Qualcomm chipset does all of the phone audio handling in the baseband, and the application processor running Android has no access to it.

从上面可以看出,之所以没有这样的功能,是因为硬件的原因,暂时死心吧,Android APP Developers。


I am sure at some point in the future when hardware supports this there will be platform APIs to use it, but that isn’t going to magically add the
feature to existing phones.

好吧,大家慢慢等着未来某个时间 Google 加入这个功能,等着将来硬件升级,--使用 G1 的人们别指望了,除非扔了它,换个新 GPhone 吧。

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